About California Climate Change Symposium 2017

California Climate Change Symposium 2017 is the premier forum for the sharing of cutting-edge research addressing the impacts of climate change on the state. This research informs the state’s strategies and policies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and to develop programs to safeguard California from a changing climate. California Climate Change Symposium 2017 is convened by California Natural Resources Agency, California Environmental Protection Agency, and the Governor’s Office of Planning and Research.

The 2017 symposium will feature preliminary reports from California’s Fourth Climate Change Assessment, a status report on the state’s Climate Change Research Plan, as well as presentations on emerging research.


  • Facilitate the production, adoption and application of climate science with respect to California policy and local governance
  • Provide a forum for sharing recent science and practical applications relevant to climate change impacts and vulnerability
  • Foster the translation of regional climate change research into policy solutions
  • Expand support for climate science research with applications to California’s environment, public health and economy
  • Facilitate collaboration across scientific research fields and public policy silos


Speakers and Participants at the 2017 Symposium:

Governor Jerry Brown (invited)

John Laird, Secretary of the California Natural Resources Agency

Matt Rodriquez, Secretary for California Environmental Protection

Program for the 2017 Symposium:

Program structure consists of eight panels, where scientists, policymakers, community members, and practitioners will address the following topics:

  • Sea-Level Rise
  • Adaptation on Natural and Working Lands
  • Drought
  • Tools to Advance Adaptation
  • Wildfires
  • Social Science Approaches to Reducing Barriers to Adaptation
  • Extreme Heat: Vulnerabilities and Responses
  • Fuel System Vulnerabilities



Researchers, local governments, private sector stakeholders, and other groups working to support climate resilience are invited to share posters for a dedicated poster session with a reception at the symposium. Sign up on the California Natural Resources Agency’s Climate List-Serve to be notified when the submission period for posters will open, and other important details.

Climate Resolve can be reached at 525 S. Hewitt St, Los Angeles, CA 90013,
(213) 634-3790, and events@climateresolve.org.
For media inquiries, email press@climateresolve.org.